Revolutionary Relaxation Treatment Will Leave You Feeling AMAZING!

Once you step foot inside the wellbeing cabin you will be instantly transported to paradise where you can truly relax and rejuvenate your mind & body

Escape to PARADISE!

Half Price Wednesday -Saturday

Immerse yourself in a transformative mind-and-body
experience. From £14.50

On entering the wellbeing cabin you will be transported to a private Caribbean beach where the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. You will lie down on the comfortable lounger that has a special mattress which delivers healthy far infrared and pulsed magnetic frequency therapy. As you relax you notice the intoxicating aroma of sea salt and tropical flowers. The sound of the waves gently washing on shore is helping you to totally switch off and relax more and more. Once suitably relaxed you can start to listen to a mindfulness meditation that is designed to instantly reduce stress & anxiety. For people who are looking to lose weight we have powerful weight loss hypnotherapy audio programmes to listen to.

Based on science and backed by an incredible guarantee. If after your treatment you don’t feel Amazing you will receive a full refund, no worries. Feel Amazing or your money back.

It’s your turn for some ‘ME’ time!

The Wellbeing Cabin is a purpose built, private, tranquil space created to bathe you in positivity, and leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped into paradise!

All of the reviews on this page are 100% GENUINE from our actual clients, and can all be seen, and more, on our Facebook page!

“I honestly cannot properly explain how wonderful this treatment room makes me feel, the only way I can describe it is totally euphoric, I’ve never felt so revitalised in my entire life.” Jade Louise

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, you will emerge a new and refreshed person, desperate to tell your friends!

Feel amazing!
Feel refreshed!
Feel transformed!

As well as just feeling amazing, you will experience a deep mind-and-body transformation using tried and tested technologies and proven scientific approaches.

“The Wellbeing Cabin is amazing, highly recommended for yourself or a gift “ Debbie Randall

Aromas, sounds, visuals, light therapy, pulsed magnetic field therapy, far infrared therapy, mindfulness, meditation, affirmation, visualisation…all cocooned in a safe, private and totally relaxing environment that will leave you amazed, with a new spring in your step and desperate to come back for more!

“lovely and relaxing, had the best night’s sleep after I got home and just a really wonderful sense of wellbeing “ Freya O’Brien

Half Price Special Wednesday – Sunday

An experience like nothing you’ve ever had before, after a session in the Wellbeing Cabin you’ll want to come again and again!

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